Let me tell you story.

It’s about a little kid who grew up loving movies. He lived to bust ghosts, find his way out of labyrinths and get back to the future. But from the moment he saw a T-Rex chomp down a goat, he wanted nothing more than to create his own dinosaurs. He wrote scripts, drew the storyboards, designed sets. He found his family's video camera and stayed up nights pouring over the manual, learning every button and dial. Sadly, the camera was broken. The world never got to see Mutant Skateboard Dino-Bazooka-Saurs Attack. 

Nevertheless, the drive to tell stories remained. The boy grew up and began working in VFX and animation, then moving on to directing, shooting, art directing, editing and doing the post on commercials, promotional films, short films,  music videos and print campaigns for the likes of Intel, Honda, Cadbury, John Deere and many others, picking up various awards along the way.  

Now, let me tell your story.